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Nobody knows land better than Atkinson Properties!

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If you have debt free land it is now possible for you to be the bank.

North Carolina has laws that are unique for owner or seller financing.

First of all it allows you as an owner to receive an annuity income and spread or defer capital gains taxes for years into the future.

In the event of a default by the buyer down the road, it is easy in North Carolina to get your land back via a vehicle known as a "deed in lieu of foreclosure."

The defaulted buyer just deeds the land back without any adverse effects to their credit, unlike a bank foreclosure.

Interest rates are usually slightly higer than conventional banks, which as of October 2009 are hesitant to loan any money to anyone for the purchase of land.

At Atkinson Properties, we work with all levels of investors but the financing is the key to everything. Therefore, we always suggest that all investors meet with lenders prior to researching any land for investment.

Not every bank is good for land loans but we can recommend many in the Triangle area who are.



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